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Oct 5, 2012 3:00pm PDT
from the mainland, making it a highly defensible island. on the city side of the moat, demarest found the earth built up into a long, steep incline. demarest: see how steep this is right now, how difficult to come up. it was probably originally almost vertical. and it would have been much more difficult if you had some maya up at the top hurling spears and rocks down on you. keach: the archaeologists think that for further protection there would have been a tall wooden fence on top of the embankment. demarest: this whole thing seems to almost like overkill. you know, the degree of defensive construction is beyond what you would have thought was necessary. i think it emphasizes how things by this point had fallen to pieces in this region. keach: demarest believes the moat and fortifications are evidence that the dos pilas empire was coming apart at the seams. demarest: the territory was more than double the size of a standard large maya kingdom. so administratively it was beyond the capability of normal maya political organization and military organization. keach: in a.d. 760, two of t
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
's record, often putting the president on the defensive. many supporters of obama have expressed surprise that he never mentioned several of romney's potential weak spots, including his record as the private equity firm bain capital. also his vast personal wealth and offshore investments, and his recent remark that 47% of americans are government dependents. some domestic issues went virtually unmentioned wednesday night, including immigration policy, global warming, gun control, incarceration rates, and poverty. some key voices were shut out the conversation, including those of third-party presidential candidates. as obama and romney were facing off at the university of denver wednesday night, "democracy now!" was just miles away airing a special three-hour broadcast expanding the debate. we broke the sound barrier by pausing after president obama's and romley's answers to get real-time responses from jill stein of the green party and rocky anderson of the justice the party. dr. stein is a physician from massachusetts. rocky anderson is the former mayor of salt lake city. we also invited
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. speaking to the pentagon, defense secretary leon panetta said it appears the assad regime could be moving its weapons stockpiles around the country to sit card against attacks. >> there have been, firing occuh resulted in the fatal wounding of an isaf soldier and the death of a civilian colleague. reports, with regard to some of these fights, there has been some movement in order for the syrians to better secure chemicals. while there has been some limited movement, again, the major sites remain in place, remain secure. >> venezuela is less than one week away from a presidential election. over the weekend, tens of thousands of people turned out four separate rallies led by the rival candidates. tensions escalated on saturday when three supporters of caprille were gunned down. at a rally, hugo chavez condemned the attack and promised an investigation. >> we all have to regret very much the deaths of two people yesterday in a clash over two groups, one in a caravan, the other in the street. two people died. it is very regrettable. i tell all venezuelans, it is not with violence that we face
Sep 28, 2012 3:00pm PDT
through power but through their authority to settle disputes, spearhead the common defense and control some land. they also gained enormous prestige by redistributing precious goods and by leading religious rituals. but the authority of the king suffered a critical blow in a.d. 738 when 18 rabbit was captured and beheaded by the ruler of a rival city. adjoining 18 rabbit's palace was a smaller structure, the only known building erected by his successor, king smoke monkey. some archaeologists think it was a council house where the last weakened kings shared power with competing lineage heads. today, workers sift through the remains of the building, seeking clues to the fate of the kingdom. did the death of one king end the evolution of the copan state ? to find out, other archaeologists broaden the search for evidence of power changes in the valley's lineage compounds. very near to the 9n-8 compound is a series of large unexcavated mounds. here, david webster and his team prepare to excavate. they will cut the brush that has grown on top of the buildings, and then attempt to clear away
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the pentagon. romney criticized obama over potential defense cuts and vowed to maintain u.s. military power. >> we're going to make sure to restore the principles this nation was built upon a freedom and opportunity and restore our economy and put people back to work, get rising take-home pay again. we're going to make sure we of the military that a second to none. i will do those things. i look forward to being able to keep the station strong. i make that commitment to you. i need your help. we have to win in virginia. we will keep america the hope of the earth. >> a new video has raised questions about mitt romney's repeated claims on the campaign trail that his business background would help him create jobs as president. the video released by the magazine "mother jones" shows romney in a 1985 address describing the mission of bain capital, the private equity firm he co-founded and formerly ran, saying the goal is to harvest companies for profit. >> bain capital is an investment partnership which was formed to invest in startup companies and ongoing companies, take an active hand in manag
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, if you want to call it that, is the department of defense. how many active duty to we have here in colorado springs? over 50,000, i believe. that really is the lifeblood of our town. >> this investigation that you did, the unit called lethal warriors, share with us what it is you found as you worked for the gazette, nominated for a pulitzer prize, your investigation. >> it started with just seeing a lot of soldiers getting arrested for murder. we did not know until we started digging it was not the entire 30,000 soldiers at fort carson that were responsible, but just one group of 500 guys. at that point, we said, my god, how could he have so much violence coming out of one small group? it must have to do with their collective story of their experience. so we started tracing that story by going to the prisons, talking to the guys in there, finding their friends and talking to them. what we found, essentially, is these guys had been in the worst places in iraq. they had been through things that most people, even people who are familiar with the war would find unspeakable. when the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6